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New standards for neonatal care in Wales

In 2013, the All Wales Neonatal Standards: 2nd Edition was published. These standards outline the care that should be available to all premature and sick babies and their families in Wales.

BAPM now places a stronger emphasis upon family-centred care, so the Welsh standards have been changed to reflect this positive change. Work to amend the Welsh standards was led by the Welsh Neonatal Network, which includes both Bliss and parent representatives.

The standards address how each of the seven points below should look in neonatal care:

  • Access to neonatal care.
  • Staffing of neonatal services.
  • Facilities for neonatal care, including equipment.
  • Care of the baby and family.
  • Transportation.
  • Guidelines and procedures.
  • Education and training/clinical guidance.

You can also read these standards in Welsh and find out more about what they mean for babies and families.


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