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Campaign reports are a vital tool which helps us to understand the issues both families and units are facing, while providing us with the evidence we need to influence the Government and NHS.

It’s not a game in Wales: the very real costs of having a premature or sick baby

This is our latest campaign report, which focuses on the extra costs Welsh parents experience when their baby is in neonatal care. You can also read our findings in Welsh.

Still a long way to go: Wales 2010

This manifesto reveals the findings of a survey which asked about staffing levels and capacity on Welsh units. 

Bliss 30th Birthday Baby Report: Wales 2009

This celebrates 30 years of Bliss and looks at how neonatal provision and practice has evolved over this time. 

Bliss Baby Report: Wales 2008

This baby report focuses on staffing levels and the ad-hoc transfer service in Wales. You can also read this report in Welsh.


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