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Standards for neonatal care in Scotland

In March 2013,  Neonatal Care in Scotland: A quality framework was launched, outlining what neonatal units should be doing to make sure all babies receive the best care possible.

The framework has been produced by the Scotland neonatal expert advisory group, which is made up of doctors, nurses, members of the Scottish Government and Bliss representatives.

The framework outlines the six key areas of focus, to deliver excellent neonatal services:

Person-centred care
Baby and family are the heart of the system of care.

Safe care
Units are properly staffed, and professionals are appropriately trained.

Efficient care
Units work together to produce the full range of care babies need.

Effective care
Regular monitoring to ensure the high quality of neonatal services.

Equitable care
Access to the appropriate care needed for each individual baby.

Timely care
Care in the right place, at the right time, for all babies.

Read the Scottish neonatal standards to find out more information on these six principles, and what they mean for Scottish neonatal care.


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