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Campaign reports are a vital tool which help us to understand the issues both families and units are facing while providing us with the evidence we need to influence the Government and NHS. Below are the campaign reports we've released which focus on improving neonatal care and support in Scotland.

It’s not a game in Scotland: the very real costs of having a premature or sick baby
Our latest campaign report investigates the additional costs Scottish parents face when their child is in neonatal care. 

A chance for change: Bliss baby report and Manifesto 2011
This Bliss Scotland report uncovered a shortage of nurses to care for Scotland's sickest babies in at least three Level 3 units. As a result of these findings, Bliss called on the NHS and Government to make sure a rigorous set of standards existed for neonatal care.

Bliss 30th birthday baby report: Scotland 2010
This report established Scotland had the highest premature birth rate in the UK and offered recommendations for how neonatal services could be improved.

Bliss baby report 2008: neonatal care in Scotland
This report outlined staffing and transfer issues across Scotland, and provided recommendations for how these services can be improved.


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