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Our response to Government pledge to support working mothers of premature babies

Matt Keegan 27 March 2017
A mother with her baby
Read our response to the Government's Mother's Day pledge to develop new guidelines for employers on how to better support mothers of premature babies during their maternity leave, and to ensure measures available to support parents are more clearly spelled out. Read More

Dawn and Isabelle's Story

Kalisha Patel 24 March 2017
Dawns daughter Isabelle
Dawn gave birth to her daughter Isabelle prematurely. Now ten year's old, Isabelle recounts the story of her own birth, the following weeks spent in hospital, and her life since then. Read More

Lady Sarra Hoy becomes official Bliss Scotland ambassador

Sarah Rughoonundon 23 March 2017
Sarra Hoy
Lady Sarra Hoy today begins her new role as official Ambassador for Bliss Scotland, the charity for babies born premature or sick. Read More

Paisley's story

Kalisha Patel 17 March 2017
Paisley cuddling her son
Paisley's son Ewan was struggling to gain weight during her pregnancy, and ultimately she decided to have a c-section. Here Paisley shares her experience of giving birth to a premature baby and her time in the neonatal ward. Read More

Bliss responds to King’s Fund report examining patient care

Matt Keegan 14 March 2017
The King’s Fund has this week launched a new report, Understanding NHS financial pressures: how are they affecting patient care?, which examines patient care in four key areas including neonatal services. Read More

Carla's story

Matt Keegan 10 March 2017
Carlas son George
After having a premature baby, Carla created a blog to share her experience. Since its launch in October 2016, the blog has become increasingly popular with other parents of premature babies. This is her story. Read More