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MPs and candidates: show your support #ForSpecialCareBabies now

Every year hundreds of families in your constituency will have a baby who requires lifesaving treatment from neonatal care immediately after birth. Some of these babies will only need a few days of care, others weeks or even months. Some will, sadly, never make it home at all. No matter how long a baby spends in neonatal care, the experience is traumatic and frightening for all families.

It's vital for your constituents that neonatal care and support services for families in your local area are high on the agenda for the next government. 

Bliss is working hard to:
  • Increase access for families to financial support while their baby is in hospital
  • Improve care standards across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Ensure units are encouraged to take part in our Bliss Family Friendly Accreditation Scheme
  • Develop our Bliss Nurse programme, so more units can have their own dedicated non-clinical nurse on hand to support families.

We'll need your help to make sure familes receive the highest possible standards of care. 

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