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Bliss Scotland baby report 2017: An opportunity to deliver improvements in neonatal care

Bliss Scotland baby report front cover

The latest research from Bliss Scotland showing that neonatal services in Scotland are lacking enough nurses and doctors they need to meet vital benchmarks for high-quality care. Services are also struggling to give parents enough of the practical support they need to be with their baby, such as free overnight accommodation and support with meal costs.


Families kept apart: barriers to parents' involvement in their baby's hospital care

This investigation shows neonatal units across England are struggling to provide essential facilties and support to parents, such as overnight accommodation, which is preventing parents from being with and caring for their baby as much as they would like.


Bliss baby report 2016: time for change

Welsh baby report cover

A new investigation by Bliss shows that services for premature and sick babies in Wales are facing critical staffing shortages, putting babies safety and long-term health at risk. You can also read this report in Welsh.


Transfers of premature and sick babies

Bliss report about the transfers of premature and sick babies highlights the challenges faced by neonatal transport services in the UK. Our findings reveal that these essential services are often under-staffed, under-resourced and part-time.


Bliss baby report 2015: hanging in the balance

This report from Bliss shows how dedicated, hardworking neonatal staff are being forced to cope with consistently high demand, with far too few resources. This is putting babies safety and survival at risk. It is a neonatal service hanging in the balance.


It's not a game: the very real costs of having a premature or sick baby

The new Bliss report launched in 2014, looks at the extra costs families face when their baby is in neonatal care. We have also published separate reports looking at how families are affected by extra costs in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can also read our Wales report in Welsh.


Bliss SOS Report

The SOS report 2011 looks at cuts to frontline nursing staff which is putting the lives of England’s sickest babies at risk. 


A chance for change - Bliss Baby Report and Manifesto 2011

The 2011 Baby Report outlining the results of a survey of neonatal units in Scotland.


The chance of a lifetime - Bliss Baby Report 2010

The 2010 Bliss Baby Report, outlining the results of a survey of neonatal units in England.


Still a long way to go - Bliss Baby Report and Manifesto 2010

The 2010 Baby Report outlining the results of a survey of neonatal units in Wales. We also have a Welsh language versionavailable.


Three decades and counting: Bliss 30th birthday baby report

This celebrates 30 years of Bliss and looks at how neonatal provision and practice has evolved over this time. Click to see specific briefings for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Baby steps to better care – Bliss baby report 2008

The 2008 baby report focuses on issues around neonatal care for each country in the UK. Click to see specific briefings for EnglandScotland, Wales (and in Welsh language) and Northern Ireland. There is also a Welsh language version of the report available.


Too little too late - Bliss Baby Report 2007

This report, released in 2007, highlights where premature or sick babies are not recieving the quality of care they deserve and acknowledges where progress has been made.


Weigh less, worth less - Bliss Baby Report 2006

This the second Bliss baby report, released in 2006, and focuses on staffing and transfer issues.


Special care for sick babies - choice or chance? Bliss Baby Report 2005

Bliss' first ever baby report, which launched the Bliss Baby Charter



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