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Volunteer assessors

Health professional at work

We are committed to ensuring that neonatal units across the country are assessed and evaluated consistently and fairly as part of their involvement in the Bliss Baby Charter.

Bliss volunteer assessors, made up of Healthcare professional assessors and Parent assessors, help us achieve this. 

What is the role of a volunteer assessor?

Volunteer assessors support Bliss with the assessment visits of units that have completed the Baby Charter audit cycle.

  • Bliss Healthcare professional assessors evaluate the overall provision of family - centred care by a neonatal unit, with reference to the unit's Baby Charter audit and their evidence provided. 
  • Bliss Parent assessors interview parents on neonatal units to assess their experience of the care they have received throughout their neonatal journey.

 For more information please refer to our volunteer role descriptions:

If you would like more information, please get in touch at


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