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It is important not to overheat your baby, but remember that if your baby was very small or premature, he or she may find it more difficult to keep warm. A nursery thermometer will help you to monitor the room temperature. Keep the temperature between 18 and 21°C (64–69°F).

Check your baby regularly to ensure that he or she is not too hot or cold. You can do this by feeling the back of his or her neck or tummy. It is normal for a baby’s hands to feel colder than the rest of their body.

To monitor your baby’s temperature, use a digital thermometer and place this under your baby’s armpit. Their temperature should normally be between 36.5 and 37.1°C (97.7– 98.7°F).

If your baby is too hot, take some layers off and check again. If your baby is too cold, put a hat on, add more layers and give your baby a cuddle. If he or she seems unwell, or doesn’t warm up if cold, contact your GP as soon as possible.


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