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Supporting families

Having a premature or sick baby in hospital can be incredibly distressing for families.

Bliss offers emotional and practical support to empower families and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to provide the best possible care to their baby, for however long they live and for however long their stay in neonatal care.

We provide information about caring for premature and full term sick babies at every stage of their hospital journey, and after they have gone home.

Through our network of dedicated volunteers we provide face-to-face, phone and email support, meaning families have access to practical advice and a listening ear when they need it the most. 

Families can also share experiences through the Bliss messageboard, hosted by Netmums, and read other family stories in Little Bliss magazine.

Access support

"One day I saw a Bliss leaflet and it was like a light had suddenly been switched on and all of a sudden I wasn’t alone any more. I went to the Bliss website and read through stories from other parents and found out about the various terms I’d heard on the unit. After reading through everything I suddenly had the confidence to ask the doctors questions and understand what was really happening. I started asking to hold Scarlett, rather than waiting for nurses to offer. I helped to tube feed her and I even gave Scarlett her first bath."

Georgia Melbourne
Mum to Scarlett, born at 28 weeks

Over the next three years Bliss will support families by:

Supporting families: 2016/17 achievements


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