Multimedia consent and release form

Multimedia consent and release form

I am the parent or legal guardian of:

I give my consent for Bliss and Bliss Scotland to use or capture footage, audio, photographs, words and other types of media (hereafter known as content) involving me and/or my baby.

I give Bliss and Bliss Scotland all rights to use content relating to me and/or my baby in Bliss materials, including but not limited to: Bliss information and marketing materials; on; on Bliss’ social media channels; on co-branded materials in support of Bliss’ aims; on third party websites or broadcast media where the content is about Bliss and Bliss’ work; and in any future Bliss project.

I agree that they may identify me and my baby by name. This consent is given indefinitely but I can withdraw it at any time by emailing

I have discussed the above with the child's other parent/s (if appropriate). I am over 18 years of age.

Bliss and Bliss Scotland promise to use the personal data you have provided to communicate in the way/s you have agreed to. We will not pass your details on to any third party for their marketing purposes. Find out how we look after your personal data at