Help improve hospital services

There are two volunteer roles which aim to help improve hospital services - Baby Charter assessors and Parent Representatives. Scroll down to find out more about these roles.

Bliss Baby Charter Volunteer Assessors

What are Bliss Baby Charter Volunteer Assessors?

Our volunteer assessors support Bliss with the assessment visits of units that have completed the Baby Charter audit cycle.

We are committed to ensuring that neonatal units across the country are assessed and evaluated consistently and fairly as part of their involvement in the Bliss Baby Charter.

Bliss volunteer assessors, made up of Healthcare professional assessors and Parent assessors, help us achieve this.

What is the role of a volunteer assessor?

Bliss Healthcare professional assessors evaluate the overall provision of family - centred care by a neonatal unit, with reference to the unit's Baby Charter audit and their evidence provided.

Bliss Parent assessors interview parents on neonatal units to assess their experience of the care they have received throughout their neonatal journey.

For more information please refer to our volunteer role descriptions:

How do I apply?

At the moment we are not recruiting volunteer assessors.

However if you are interested, please read the relevant role descriptions above and you can still send us an application. We will keep your information on file and let you know when opportunities become available.

Step 1

Complete our online application form

Please note you need to complete the form in one go (you can’t save and return to complete it). So we suggest that you take a look through the questions we ask below and be ready to provide all the information before you start filling it in.

Step 2

Download and send a Bliss Diversity Monitoring Form to

If you would like more information or have any questions, please get in touch at or call 020 7378 1122.

Parent representative

What is a Parent Representative?

A Parent Representative is someone who acts to represent the views of parents who have a baby (ies) in neonatal care, to ensure that premature and sick babies' voices are placed at the heart decision making and their interests are always put first.

What will my role be?

The role of Parent Representative can vary quite significantly between networks depending on the approach the network takes to parental involvement. You may be asked to participate in or lead meetings with parents in your local unit, communicating their views up to the board.

You may also be asked to sit on the network board, to give a parent's perspective on decisions around service improvement. In addition to board meetings, you may be asked to attend meetings with parents as well as external meetings.

Some groups of Parent Representatives have also undertaken other projects, such as an audit of the facilities in the network's units.

Some networks do not yet have parental representation, but Bliss is working to try and change this. If you are interested in the role, please contact us via

How much time will it take?

This will vary from network to network. If you sit on the board there will be the opportunity to attend face to face meetings throughout the year. These meetings may rotate between different hospitals in the network. Where possible Networks provide the opportunity to feed in to these meetings remotely if you are unable to travel.

Will it cost me anything?

Where possible, Network boards will cover any travel expenses that you incur. This should include petrol, parking, train or bus fares.

Do I need any qualifications?

No, there are no qualifications to be a Parent Representative. The only requirement is that you have had a baby who has spent time on a neonatal unit – preferably within the past five years.

Should Parent Representatives still have a baby on the unit?

Bliss suggests that parents should have had a baby on a neonatal unit within the past five years and be a year post discharge.

It is essential that you are not in any ongoing disputes or have any unresolved complaints with a unit in the network.

Current vacancies

We are currently looking for Parent Representatives for the following networks. Click the links below to see what units they cover and find out a bit more about these networks:

Please note, the Parent Representative role is a Network role and not a Bliss volunteer role.

If you are interested in any of these roles, or would like to check whether your network is currently recruiting, please contact us at or call 020 7378 1122.