Little Bliss Parent Panel

Find out what the Little Bliss Parent Panel do and how you could take part.

The Little Bliss Parent Panel are a group that review the magazine after every issue and make suggestions to improve it.

Why does Little Bliss have a parent panel?

We ask parents to review Little Bliss to ensure the magazine’s content and design is informed by people with direct experience of having a premature or sick baby in neonatal care. We believe feedback from parents is essential to make sure that what we publish is as appropriate, supportive and informative for families on the neonatal unit as possible.

Thanks to their feedback, Little Bliss continues to develop in response to the needs of families.

Who is on the panel?

It is our goal to have a diverse and representative panel. We welcome applications from parents and family members of full term as well as premature babies, and of all genders, ethnicities and family structures from right across the UK.

The parent panel is made up of people with experience of having a premature or sick baby in neonatal care. Members tend to be parents but siblings, extended family and close friends will also be considered.

Where can I get more information?

For an informal chat or more information on taking part in the Little Bliss Parent Panel, please contact Little Bliss' Editor Katy Moore on 020 7378 1122 or email

It is great to be part of something that takes our views seriously and to see our input reflected in the magazine. Coming to Bliss is something I really look forward to