Baby Led Food

Baby Led Food

Bliss and Baby Led Food

Baby Led Food has been one of Bliss’ partners since early 2018 and specialises in creating innovative food spreads for weaning babies in order to familiarise them with as many tastes and textures as possible.

Inspired by his own journey introducing solid food to his young daughter, founder Keith created a range of “baby led spreads” which can be used as sandwich fillings or as a pasta sauce as a delicious way to add new flavours into babies’ first experiences with solid food.

With interesting flavours like Avocado, Red Pepper and Tomato Recipe, Spicy Pumpkin and Chickpea, and Red Lentil and Sweet Potato, what better way to complement sandwiches, toast, pasta, jacket potatoes etc through your child's early weaning stages than to use the BabyLed range of versatile, healthy spreads?

30p from each pack of nine spreads and 60p from each pack of 18 spreads will be donated to Bliss.