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Bliss is delighted that Vapotherm is supporting its updated Hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE) information.

Vapotherm is a manufacturer of advanced respiratory technology. Over 2.5 million patients, from babies in neonatal care to geriatrics suffering from acute respiratory disease, have been treated with its High Velocity Technology (HVT) - a mask-free, non-invasive ventilation for spontaneously breathing patients and a front-line tool for relieving respiratory distress. Widely used across neonatal wards, HVT’s mask-free interface delivers optimally-conditioned breathing gases, allowing families to see their baby’s face without attached tubes hindering all-important Kangaroo Care. Vapotherm prides itself in delivering tailored technology for even the most vulnerable of babies and reducing the risks and care complexities associated with mask therapies.

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