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"As a mum of a premature baby born at 34 weeks, and twins born at 35 weeks I know how worrying it can be when your baby is taken away straight after birth. I wanted parents to be able to access this information and be prepared for what may happen if their baby was born premature or sick. I know how much support Bliss Charity give to new parents with a neonatal experience." Rachael Kirkwood, Founder of, The Mama Sanctuary and The Complete Pregnancy & Motherhood Course

The Complete Pregnancy & Motherhood Online Course has been developed with support from 21 professionals working in the Mother and Baby Industry, including NHS NMC Registered Midwife Abigail Latif, Hypnobirthing Coach Anja Moncrieff, Registered Dietician Nichola Ludlam-Raine, and NHS Health Visitor Aimee Booth, who each provide invaluable information on their specialist areas of expertise.

When you feel confident, comfortable and less worried about birth and being a new parent, it's far easier to navigate those challenges you may face. Whether you need some advice on what to expect in Pregnancy, how to have a calm birth, learn the best breathing techniques and positions for birth, learn how to breastfeed and position baby (Including TWINS), how to perform CPR on your little ones, advice on baby sleep and routines, weaning, pregnancy fitness and nutrition, what to expect in the early days after having baby, how to change, bathe and feed baby, babywearing advice, to toilet training tips...The Complete Pregnancy & Motherhood Online Course has it covered.

Bliss is proud to have provided parent resources for the course’s “What to expect if you have a Premature Birth” section, covering everything from what to expect if your baby is premature, what happens if your baby needs to go to neonatal care, your mental health and looking after yourself, what to expect on the neonatal unit and what everything means. is kindly donating 5% of each course fee to Bliss to support our work helping babies born premature or sick.

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