Hardenberg and Co

Hardenberg and Co

The distributors of Angelcare and Ameda products have a very special story that links them to Bliss.

Julie and Marc have a son Marc, a surviving twin, who was born at 24 weeks’ gestation weighing 1lb 6oz.

Julie says “It was the scariest moment of my life seeing my son inside an incubator – he looked so tiny and vulnerable. I felt like I had failed him.” Marc received intensive care for eight weeks.

Julie recalls “Within the time he was in hospital I needed to express my breast milk. Marc was so sick that the doctors could not get in any lines to feed him and we all feared he would lose his fight for life. When I was asked if I would express my milk I felt that it was the one thing that only I could do for my son. I pumped my milk and it was fed through a tube to my son. It was the only thing his fragile tummy could tolerate. We were so grateful that all the goodness in my milk was helping him in his fight.”

Eight weeks later Marc was moved out of intensive care. He stayed in hospital for 96 days before coming home. “We were really anxious about having him at home. After all we had relied on terrific nursing staff and monitors. I was really lucky as a friend bought me an Angelcare Movement and Sound monitor so we had some peace of mind in those early days at home.”

Hardenberg case study Marc senior adds “Julie wanted to pass her experience of milk expression on to help other mums and approached Bliss. Bliss were publishing the Breastfeeding your Premature Baby booklet, and were very pleased to receive Julie’s contribution in the form of ‘Julie’s Story’, which tells the story of a mother’s journey.”

When Marc junior was two years old, Julie and Marc senior became involved in the distribution of Angelcare products. They are a committed long term sponsor of Bliss and have been actively involved in the launch of the Resuscitation DVD, which is given to parents as their baby is discharged from hospital.

More recently, Julie and Marc have taken on the distribution of Ameda (Hospital Grade) Breast Feeding products. “We will also use this brand to further increase our support to Bliss” Julie adds.

Marc comments “We are very proud of our long-standing relationship with Bliss, as we know first hand how valuable they are and the difference they make to hospitals, parents and babies.”