The Sun’s 50th Birthday Giveaway

To celebrate their 50th birthday, The Sun is giving away £1 million to their readers' favourite charities. Here's how you can nominate Bliss.

What is The Sun's 50th Birthday Giveaway?

Last year we partnered with The Sun on their 'Light Up Christmas' appeal to raise over £100,000 and generate much needed coverage of our vital work. You can find out more about how this money helps the families we support in the video below.

This year, to celebrate their 50th birthday, The Sun is giving away £1 million to their reader’s favourite charity. Read on to find out how to nominate us.

How to nominate Bliss for The Sun’s 50th Birthday Giveaway

All you have to do is nominate us and The Sun panel will choose which of their favourite causes to give a 50th birthday donation to.

Simply complete the entry form before 18 December and write up to 400 words about why you think we should receive a donation from their £1million prize fund.

What does Bliss need the money for?

The Sun is giving away between £2,000 and £20,000, so we have put together a little shopping list to show what different projects we could fund with donations of that size:

  • £2,000 would fund our vital parent information resources for one month so that all parents can access the support they need for free. That’s over 8,000 parents using resources that help them build confidence and navigate life after the neonatal unit.
  • £4,000 would fund our groundbreaking research project into baby’s pain for a month, helping to find new ways to care for babies in the future.
  • £5,500 would help us recruit and train a team of volunteers to visit your local neonatal unit every day of the week, providing a listening ear for parents with a baby in hospital.
  • £12,000 would fund your nearest hospital to improve family-centred care through our Bliss Baby Charter for a whole year. When a baby is admitted to hospital, they are often not taken to their local neonatal unit and so we work to ensure parents are supported to be involved in their baby's care no matter how far they have to travel.

How to write 400 words about Bliss

  • Make it personal, explain how you got involved with Bliss and why Bliss is important to you
  • Talk about the most important aspect of our work to you; is it the support we give to parents, our information resources or our work supporting healthcare professionals?
  • Feel free to use anything we’ve written in our strategy document to help explain our work
  • Use the shopping list above to tell the judging panel how much money you’re asking for
  • Don't forget to include our charity details below on the form so the judges know you are nominating Bliss

Thanks so much for your support!

Charity details for the application form

Name: Bliss

Registration no: 1002973

Contact Name: Tracey Shinkins-Watson


Telephone: 020 7378 5740

Charity category: Children & Young People

Nominate Bliss

Please submit your application before 18 December. Thank you!