How regular donations help babies born prematurely or sick

Regular donations help us be there every day for premature and sick babies and their families.

Here are just some of the ways we turn regular gifts into every day real-life support.

Empowering parents with the knowledge and confidence to care for their baby, however long they live or however long they spend in neonatal care. We provide information, online support, a free helpline and face-to-face support on the neonatal unit

Campaigning for all sick and premature babies
by influencing government policies and seeking investment to ensure that babies in neonatal units receive the highest quality of care

Raising standards in neonatal care by training health professionals to improve care for babies and involve parents actively in their baby's care

Investing in life-changing research
with a dedicated research fund that has the potential to save lives and improve babies' quality of life for those born now and for future generations.

Set up a regular gift to Bliss

It's quick and easy to set up a direct debit to Bliss through our website
Set up a direct debit to Bliss

Or alternatively please download a Direct Debit form which you can print off, complete and return to us at the Freepost address stated on the form. You can also email your completed form to