Nobody should be alone at Christmas, especially a tiny baby

Baby wearing flowery baby vest in incubator asleep with a tiger soft toy

More than 3,000 babies spent Christmas in hospital, many without their parents by their side because of the high cost of accommodation and lack of family facilities. Bliss works all year round to keep babies and their parents together. Can you help?

Christmas with a new baby should be a joyful time for a family. When a baby is born premature or sick, the need for the family to spend time together is vital.

Research shows a baby’s outcomes are best when parents are by their side, actively involved in their care. But we know that families are being kept apart.

Caroline Lee-Davey, Bliss Chief Executive

Together we know we can give more vulnerable babies the start they need this year.

Thanks to a Bliss campaign, all parents in Scotland now have access to a government fund to help with the cost of food and travel while their baby is in neonatal care and we have campaigned for better family facilities across the UK.

In 2018 Bliss trained hundreds of doctors and nurses across the UK, teaching them that enabling parents to look after their baby in the early days and weeks of life leads to shorter stays in hospital and better long-term health outcomes for the baby.

We are now working with 80% of neonatal units to ensure parents are supported to play this vital role in their baby’s care.

But too many babies are still kept apart from their parents

Bliss research has found that only 5 out of 29 neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) - those caring for the smallest and sickest babies - have enough rooms for parents of critically ill babies to stay near their baby.

The lack of family facilities and the high costs of travel and food when a baby is in hospital are keeping families apart.

Our research shows families spend an average of £2,252 while their poorly baby is in hospital.

The costs are a huge burden for parents at an extremely worrying time. Bliss is working hard to ensure that the needs of babies are at the heart of decision-making, and to support parents to be with their babies as much as possible. But we need your support to achieve our goal.

Help poorly babies in 2019

Over 3,000 babies spent Christmas in a neonatal unit. You can help them be with the people they need the most, their parents.
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