Nobody should be alone this Christmas

Especially a poorly baby, who needs their parents by their side.

Research shows a baby’s outcomes are best when parents are by their side, actively involved in their care.

But we know that families are being kept apart.

Are you able to help us keep families together this Christmas by donating today?

Bliss is working to break down the barriers which separate families from their premature and sick babies.

Together we can give more vulnerable babies the start they need this Christmas. Will you give a gift today to keep more families of premature and sick babies?

Why are donations needed now?

For babies born prematurely or sick their chances of survival and long-term good health are shown to be improved when their parents are at the centre of their care.

Only 5 out of 29

neoneonatal intensive care units (NICUs) - have enough rooms for parents of critically ill babies to stay near their baby


is the average amount families spend while their poorly baby is in hospital

How will my donation help?

Find out how the different amounts you give can make a difference.


can enable us to fight for more financial support for parents to help with food and travel costs


will help us train doctors and nurses to actively include parents in their baby's daily care


will significantly boost our push for more hospital accommodation for parents at the times when their baby is critically ill

Give hope to families this Christmas

Up to 8,000 babies will spend the Christmas season in a neonatal unit. Together let's give them the best possible start in life.
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