Bliss Little Heroes - your walk, your way!

Bliss Little Hero walks come in all sizes. From individual challenges to large walks. Find out about the different ways you can be part of Bliss Little Heroes

The solo mission

Do you, or your child, want to take on your own mission?  You could do a single walk or challenge yourself to do a certain number of steps each day for a month.

One of our tiniest supporters chose to walk as part of Bliss Little Heroes.  Sebastian raised  money as his little brother Jacob was born at 29 weeks weighing just 2lb.    Sebastian’s mum, Caroline told us `As a family, we received lots of care and support and when we explained what the charity meant to Seb and how we'd like to raise funds, he was keen to get involved’

Sebastian loved every minute of his walk and he raised an amazing £1,514!

Boy with hero pose

Top Tips for a solo mission:  

  • Set up your online fundraising page and personalise it to share your reasons for fundraising for Bliss 
  • Keep sharing updates and photos about your walk preparation on social media  

The Family that packs a punch

Walking with your family is a fun and easy way to be part of Bliss Little Heroes.  Get dressed up and celebrate the heroes in your life.

Laura – Jane got her family together to celebrate her little hero Henry and to help others. She told us she wanted to walk  `in order to raise awareness for all the Little Heroes born already and those yet to arrive’ 

Laura-Jane’s walk raised a fantastic £665 and everyone had a great time.

Top Tips for a family walk:  

  • You can walk anytime that suits your family and choose any route you’d like
  • You can create one fundraising page or individual ones
  • Your family could top up the total with a bake sale or a donation from employers

The super group

Want to supersize Bliss Little Heroes?  Host a walk for your friends, family and even other Bliss supporters.

Bliss supporter Coady hosted a walk and told us `What a fantastic turn out it ended up being! The sun was out, lots of families signed up and attended and we got a fair bit from collections on the day!  Couldn't have asked for a better day’

Coady and her walkers raised over £2500!

Top tips for a super sized Bliss Little Heroes walk 

  • Get the word out on social media
  • Ask all your walkers to set up their own online fundraising page
  • Keep your walkers updated on the walk and motivated by updating them with the team fundraising total.