Go the Distance for Bliss FAQs

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Take a look at our FAQs for taking part in Go the Distance for Bliss

Planning my challenge FAQs

Do I have to pick 27 or 100 miles?

No. Some people choose a distance that is connected to their own neonatal care experience.

How can I cover the distance I've chosen?

We know our past fundraisers choose this event because they have the freedom to fit this challenge around their life. So choose what works for you. It may be that you want to do shorter distances on some days, and longer ones on days where you'll have more time to go further.

For example:

  • Run 1 mile every day for 4 weeks to complete 27 miles
  • Walk 3-4 miles every day for a month to complete 100 miles
  • Cycle for 8 miles 3 times a week for a month to complete 100 miles

You can also use a fitness tracker to run or walk the same distance in your home or garden.

Fundraising FAQs

What is JustGiving?

Justgiving is a simple and easy-to-use fundraising platform. It’s a secure way of collecting your sponsorship money, and you can keep your sponsors in the loop about your progress by posting photos and status updates.

How do I set up my JustGiving page?
  1. Visit JustGiving to set up your Go The Distance for Bliss fundraising page.
  2. Log in or sign up to JustGiving
  3. Click on Create your page

You'll then see a preview of the page you've just created. If you click on 'Edit your page' you will have option to personalise your page by changing the cover photo or adding your own story about why you are taking part in Go the Distance for Bliss.

How do I pay in any offline fundraising?

At the moment, most of our staff are still working mostly from home. If you can pay in your fundraising through your JustGiving page or our website, this will mean that the money will reach our services sooner.

If you are unable to do this, please contact our Events Team by emailing events@bliss.org.uk

When I started tracking I found I already walked more than I thought just from doing the school run & running around after the kids. Doing the challenge got us moving more as a family.

-Go the Distance for Bliss 2019 participant survey

Strava FAQs

How do I sign up to Strava?

You can sign up to Strava for free and register your details. Once you are on the app, click on ‘explore’ and then ‘clubs’. Type in ‘Go the Distance for Bliss’, set the location to 'London' and tick the 'All' button and ask to join the group. Alternatively, you can join the Go the Distance for Bliss Strava page by clicking here.

Can I connect Strava to my JustGiving page?

Yes. By logging into your JustGiving account, you can click on the 'connect to Strava' button on the page. Step by step instructions can be found at JustGiving Help & Support.

Do I have to use Strava to track my miles?

No. Many members of Team Bliss taking part in our virtual challenge have created their own ways of tracking their miles.

We have created a personal mile tracker that you can print off at home this year - or you can create your own!

Mile Tracking Sheet

Download and print off our Go the Distance for Bliss mile tracking sheet. Cross off each box as you complete your miles.