Useful Downloads for Bliss Little Heroes

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Our team of Bliss Little Heroes fundraisers are going to be doing superhero missions all over the UK this spring.

Here are some useful downloads to help you spread the word and recruit more people to come help save the day for premature and sick babies!

Fundraising tips

  • Share your JustGiving page regularly
  • Personalise your JustGiving page by adding a photo and your story
  • Tell your story - what are you doing, when are you doing it and why are you doing it
  • Let people know about how their donations will make a difference
  • If you reach your target before you've completed your superhero challenge(s), make it higher

Planning your missions

Want a Bliss t-shirt for your little hero?

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Share about your superhero mission

My Little Hero is... card

Upload this image to your instagram or facebook story and type in the names of the Little Heroes who have inspired you.

Little Heroes Challenges

Let people know what challenges you've picked on instagram or facebook.

Little Heroes Sponsorship form

Use this form to collect extra donations in person.

Little Heroes Colouring sheets

Print off our superhero or rainbow to colour in as you complete your missions.

Join the Bliss Events Facebook group

Tell your story, swap fundraising tips and share your photos
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