Bliss Little Heroes FAQs

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Here are some handy tips and frequently asked questions to help you with your Bliss Little Heroes fundraising.

What is Bliss Little Heroes?

Bliss Little Heroes is a virtual fundraising challenge with a whole range of activities for your little ones to take part in from home. Being a superhero can be tough but, by sponsoring them, family and friends can help your Little Heroes along the way.

How do I choose the superhero missions?

You can choose from our suggested ideas we will send you when you sign up. You can also create your own unique superhero missions. Try to make them both fun and challenging for the Little Heroes. If you go outdoors to complete your challenges, please make sure that you are following the current social distancing guidelines in your area.

Can you help me set up a fundraising page?

  • Just click here to set your Bliss Little Heroes 2021 fundraising page.
  • If you have a Just Giving account, log in. If not, you will need to sign up to Just Giving and create an account.
  • Tick the boxes that apply to you, then click: ‘Create your page.’
  • You will see a preview of the page you created.
  • Click 'Edit your page,' to personalise your page. You can change the cover photo and add your own story about why you are taking part in Bliss Little Heroes.

How do I make the most of my fundraising page?

  • Reached your fundraising target quickly? Why not make it higher to encourage even more donations!
  • Remember to personalise your page and share your story about why you are raising money for Bliss.
  • Regularly update your page with what challenges you are doing that deserve sponsorship.
  • Share the link to your page with those who might want to sponsor you.
  • By going into your account on a computer, and clicking 'Edit my page,' you can take picture of the QR code on your smartphone and send it to friends and family.
  • If you are on Twitter or Instagram, edit your profile to include your fundraising page in your bio.

How can I communicate with others taking part in Bliss Little Heroes?

You can share ideas for missions with other Bliss Little Heroes fundraisers by joining our Bliss events Fundraisers facebook group

What should I do when the superhero missions have been accomplished?

Send us photos of the fun you're having raising money for Bliss to You could appear on our special gallery of Little Heroes on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

If you have raised any offline funds, you can pay them in here. Remember to let us know when you have finished your fundraising so we can send your certificate.

Will there be any thank you gifts for Bliss Little Heroes 2021?

Yes, you can find out what they are here. Please note we can only send one thank you gift pack per fundraising page.

Anything else I should remember?

  • Remember to say thank you to those who sponsor you. Let them know that you appreciate their support with your Little Heroes mission.
  • Track your progress to becoming a real-life Bliss Superhero!

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