Emergency COVID-19 appeal

The effects of COVID-19 are being felt all over the world, and the neonatal community is no exception. Help us provide a one-to-one support service for families at this difficult time.

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped babies being born premature or sick. But with access to units restricted, it has stopped their parents being able to be by their side.

At what is already a particularly anxious time, parents aren't able to talk to other families on the unit to share what they're going through and to know they're not alone.

Lindsey is there all day by herself now – having someone who could talk to her just for half an hour would make such a difference.

Stephen, dad to Theodore, born at 25 weeks and 5 days 

Our Bliss Champion volunteers are a lifeline

Bliss Champions usually support more than 900 families on neonatal units each month - providing somewhere to turn for practical information and someone to talk to.

By supporting families, they can also relieve some of the pressure on health professionals who are working tirelessly but becoming short staffed in the pandemic.

We need to ensure this vital service can continue remotely.

Help us provide a one-to-one support service for families

Bliss Champions provide somewhere to turn for practical information and someone to talk to
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Restricted visiting has a huge impact on parents’ support networks. Bliss champions are an incredible resource and can offer so much support and reassurance in an already difficult time.

Amy Overend, NICU Sister and Bliss Trustee

Families need us and we need you

We need our one-to-one support service to be available for all families across the UK as quickly as possible.

We are rapidly training our amazing volunteers and getting them set up to offer video calls to parents on the unit and family members who have to stay at home, separated from their baby.

We’re also keeping up to date with the latest evidence and guidance to provide parents with clear and comprehensive information about how changes during the pandemic may affect their baby and their stay in neonatal care.

And with enquiries to our email support service having doubled in the last month, there is more demand for our support than ever.

But the money we usually raise to fund our services is disappearing, fast.

60% of our income comes from people who take part in fundraising events - many of which have been cancelled - and companies who are feeling the impact of the pandemic. And with charity sector bodies estimating that charities will miss out on at least £4.3bn of income over the coming months, the Government's £750m package isn't nearly enough.

We need your help.

More than 300 more babies will be admitted to neonatal care tomorrow

You can do something today to help their families feel less isolated
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