Emergency COVID-19 appeal

The effects of COVID-19 are being felt all over the world, and the neonatal community is no exception. Help us keep our services for babies and families open and running.

Parents whose babies are in neonatal care are particularly anxious and isolated at this time.

We've already produced new COVID-19 information for families because it’s never been more important for our community to have accurate, trustworthy information and somewhere to turn for support.

In response to the outbreak our volunteers are not able to visit neonatal units; meaning that families have less support when they need it more. We are working hard to understand how we can re-shape what we do to support parents in these challenging times.

At the same time, Bliss is faced with an enormous challenge. 60% of our income comes from people who take part in fundraising events - many of which have been cancelled or cannot take place because of social distancing - and companies who are already feeling the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

Bliss is not a big charity so we are particularly vulnerable to fluctuations in our income. A big drop in our fundraising would prevent us being able to deliver services for babies and families.

That’s why we are asking you to donate to help keep our services open and running during this most challenging time for us all.