Our research panel

We have worked with an independent panel of parents, someone who was born premature and neonatal health professionals to identify areas and research questions that would benefit most from Bliss’ funding.

The panel will also review applications to ensure they fit Bliss’ strategy, are achievable and will contribute new knowledge that will make a tangible difference to the lives of babies who are born premature or sick.

Read the terms of reference for the group and the conflicts of interest declaration.


  • Ben Wills-Eve - Public member, co-chair
  • Narendra Aladangady - Professional member, co-chair, Consultant Neonatologist and Hon Clinical Professor in Child Health, Homerton University Hospital

Public members

  • Caroline Moore
  • Alison O'Kane
  • Helen Ward
  • Rachel Murphy
  • Philip Meredith
  • Stephen Griffiths

Professional members

  • Merryl Harvey - Professor of Nursing and Family Health, Birmingham City University

  • Sarah Seaton - Medical Statistician, University of Leicester

  • Nicola Openshaw-Lawrence - Clinical trial co-ordinator at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health

  • Gill West - Practise Learning Facilitator, University College London Hospital

  • Adare Brady - Self-employed Consultant Neonatal Physiotherapist, Northern Ireland