Ask your MP to speak up for babies in Parliamentary debate

The Petitions Committee in Parliament recommended to government that they should introduce extra parental leave for mums and dads when their baby is receiving neonatal care.

But the government haven’t listened.

Last week, the Government rejected the recommendation -which over 4,600 of you helped to secure - stating that it was too difficult to introduce this entitlement

But the campaign doesn’t end here and we need your help.

MPs will be debating this, and other changes to support new parents during the COVID-19 pandemic in a Westminster Hall debate on 5 October at 4.30pm.

We need as many MPs to attend and make the case for emergency Neonatal Leave and Pay for parents of premature and sick babies affected by the pandemic. Help us by asking your MP to attend.

Write to your MP

Find and email your MP using the website Write to Them. If you’d prefer to email your MP directly, you can find their email address on the Parliament website (all you need is your postcode).

Top-Tips for writing an impactful email:
  • Use your own words. Your MP is less likely to take notice if you copy and paste a message
  • Be short and to the point.
  • Be clear about what you want them to do: ask your MP to attend the Westminster Hall debate about the Impact of Coronavirus on maternity and paternity leave on 5 October at 4.30pm so that they can raise the need for immediate implementation of Neonatal Leave and Pay
  • Tell them why you want their support: If you feel comfortable, share your experience of neonatal care (making it personal can help them understand why this issue matters to you) but you should also include some information about what is happening in neonatal at the moment, see below for an example:

300 babies are admitted to neonatal every day. When parents can provide hands on care, babies have the very best long-term developmental outcomes and parents’ wellbeing is improved. But because of COVID-19 parents’ ability to be with their baby in neonatal care is limited by changes to access onto neonatal units. The emotional toll of this on families is huge. Bliss is asking the government to implement their existing commitment to deliver additional parental leave to help support parents with babies in neonatal care so that they can be with their baby despite the ongoing restrictions.

  • Include your name and postcode so they can make sure you're a constituent.
  • Include Bliss’ contact details: Let your MP know that if they’d like more information ahead of the debate then we can help! They can reach us on

Get in touch

Let Bliss know if your MP has agreed to attend the debate – we can help them make the strongest case possible for parents of premature and sick babies.