Neonatal Leave and Pay consultation

The Government has announced that they are considering introducing Neonatal Leave and Pay - and they want to hear from you.

The Government sets out that Neonatal Leave and Pay should be available to every employed parent living in Britain, and propose that both parents should receive one week of paid leave for every week their baby receives neonatal care, up to a maximum number of weeks.

Why should you respond?

This consultation is your chance to have your say.

Your voices and your experiences matter most. By sharing your views and personal experience, you will add to the weight of evidence which shows why this change is needed.

The Government thinks Neonatal Leave and Pay should only be available to employed parents – and will not cover those who are self-employed or parents who are classed as a worker. If this describes you, you should also respond to help show how every parent should have access to this support.

Bliss consultation guides can support your response

The consultation is long and some questions are quite complicated. To support you in writing your own response, Bliss has developed two guides:

  • A Question-by-Question Guide which explains in detail what each question means, and provides evidence to help you submit a detailed response.
  • A Quick Guide for completing the consultation in 30 minutes. This sets out Bliss' view on 5 key questions and some key stats and facts to help with your response.

Download your copies today! You have until Friday 11 October to submit your responses - either online or by downloading a response form.

Question-by-question guide

Download this guide if you would like support with writing a thorough response.

Quick Guide: 5 key questions

Short on time? Use this guide if you want to make your voice heard on the most important questions.

What does the consultation say?

There has already been a review of parental leave support offered to parents of babies who need neonatal care, and this has shown current parental leave laws do not provide as much support as they could. This consultation sets out that:

  • Employed parents should receive one week extra leave and pay for every week their baby needs neonatal care.
  • The pay element should be paid at the statutory rate.
  • The entitlement will sit alongside other types of parental leave - so parents will get this in addition to any parental leave they were taking.

Your views are needed to inform how any Neonatal Leave and Pay policy could work best in practice. The Government wants to hear what you think about how this could be implemented - including what you think about how many weeks it should be available for, who should be eligible and what sort of notice or evidence parents should provide to access extra leave and pay.

Have your say now!