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'It's an anxious time leaving the security of neonatal staff' - Natalie's story

Natalie's daughter Anya was born at 26 weeks. She describes taking Anya home from the neonatal unit, only for them to return to hospital a year later.
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Separated from my son – Leah’s story

September 13, 2019

Leah's son Toby was born at 30 weeks. She describes what it felt like leaving him after she'd been discharged.

A poem for Henry - Kelly's story

September 13, 2019

Kelly's twins were delivered via emergency crash c-section following a placental abruption. Sadly, Henry died at just one month old.

A letter to the daughter I lost – Becky’s story

September 13, 2019

Becky writes a heart-felt letter to her daughter who sadly passed away when she was a week old.

‘Losing Cormac has shaped not just who I am as a parent but as a person’ – Laura’s story

September 13, 2019

Laura's son Cormac was born at just 23 weeks. Sadly, he passed away after a week in neonatal care.

40 years of volunteering with Bliss – June’s story

September 05, 2019

June is our longest serving volunteer. She explains how she got involved with the charity and why she remains with us 40 years on.

Why I helped found Bliss – Susanna’s story

August 15, 2019

Susanna Cheal OBE, helped to found Bliss 40 years ago. Here, she explains why the cause was so important to her.

‘The staff treated us like any other family’ - Charlie’s story

August 12, 2019

Charlie had her daughter at 32 weeks and was supported by her mum and dad while on the neonatal unit.

'It’s vital to take every opportunity to be your baby’s parent' - Kate’s story

July 29, 2019

Kate's son was born at full term with Treacher Collins Syndrome. In this blog she recalls how she got more involved in his care.

'It was my responsibility as his mum to be his best advocate' – Esther’s story

July 29, 2019

Esther gave birth to Jair at 23 weeks while her husband was away in Uganda. They spent 129 in neonatal care.

‘Our time in NICU shaped who we were going to be as parents’ - Leah and Ricky’s story

July 29, 2019

BBC news presenters Leah and Ricky Boleto's son Enzo arrived at 36 weeks. Here Leah recalls their experience of the neonatal unit.

A grandparent on the neonatal unit – Josie’s story

July 12, 2019

What's it like to be a grandmother on the neonatal unit? Josie shares what it is like to be a grandparent of a premature baby.

The first time I saw my son after birth - Olivia's story

July 05, 2019

In this exclusive extract from her new book, The First Breath, Olivia Gordon remembers the first time she met her son properly.

Q&A with author Olivia Gordon

June 28, 2019

Bliss speaks with author Olivia Gordon, whose new book The First Breath documents the history of neonatal care.

Memories from my neonatal diary – Lyndsay’s story

June 21, 2019

Lyndsay shares some of the memories from her neonatal diary. Keeping a diary is a good way to ensure you remember every step of your baby's journey.

My top 10 tips for life after NICU – Megan’s story

June 14, 2019

After five weeks on the neonatal unit with her son Fergus, Megan had to adjust to life at home without the support of unit staff.

Q&A with author Francesca Segal

June 13, 2019

Novelist Francesca Segal, met her twin daughters 10 weeks earlier than expected. Here she answers questions from the Bliss community.

Learning to change a nappy through an incubator porthole - Francesca's story

June 06, 2019

In this exclusive extract from Mother Ship, Francesca Segal recalls the first time she changed a nappy through the portholes of an incubator.

Why I wrote a book about our neonatal journey – Francesca’s story

May 30, 2019

Award-winning author Francesca Segal gave birth to her twin daughters at 29+6 weeks. Here's why she turned her experiences into a book.