NHS benefits

If you have had a baby born premature or sick find out more information about NHS benefits.

About NHS benefits

All children and new mothers get some NHS benefits. If you are on a low income, others in your family might qualify too.

Treatment on the NHS is free but sometimes there are costs for prescriptions, dentistry and the optician. You can get help with these for the mother or other vulnerable people in your family.

Who can claim

The rules for health benefits vary, depending on what part of the country you live in. So it’s worth checking to see what you can get, whatever your level of income is.

Wherever you live, children get free prescriptions, NHS dental treatment and sight tests. You can also get help to pay for their glasses. The cut-off age for young people depends on whether they are in education and it also varies in different parts of the UK.

Women who are pregnant get free NHS prescriptions and NHS dental treatment. 

If you have older people in your family, or someone with a disability or long-term illness, they may also qualify for various health benefits.

Where you can find out more

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