Young parents

Young mum holding her baby sitting on a chair in hospital

Bliss is here to support all parents of premature or sick babies. Many young parents tell us that they would welcome talking to somebody during this difficult time, but don’t realise that support is available.

Are you a young parent?

Bliss is here to help you through it. We offer all parents a wide range of free support and information, as well as face-to-face services via neonatal unit volunteers, where you can meet and chat with other parents who have been through a similar situation.

If you would like to talk to someone or get some support, you can email and and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also read about other young parents' experiences here:

Georgia's story

I was only 18 years old when Scarlett was born. My friends had just started at university, and I was a single mum, so I felt very lonely. As much as friends and family tried to be there for me, I couldn’t help feeling like I was totally alone.
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Georgia's Story Hero

Kayla's story

Bringing Oliver home was a bittersweet experience, I was so happy that he was home and out of the hospital, but it came as a shock to finally have him free of machines and alarms and have no nurses to call if I needed help. I found it very difficult to bond with him at first but that came on its own and now he is my little best friend.
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Kayla's Story Hero

Share your story with Bliss

If you are a young parent under 20 and would like to share your experience, in order to raise awareness and give hope to other parents, please get in touch.
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