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Mum hugging baby and smiling against baby's cheek, lying together on a play mat with baby on its front leaning on arms and smiling at camera

​The Bliss and Netmums forum is for parents, families or carers of babies born premature or sick.

It is a secure, supportive online community where you can:

  • Share experiences
  • Seek support from a community of parents going through similar situation
  • Access a wealth of information offered by Netmums covering all aspects of pregnancy, parenting and beyond.

In addition to this supportive community, Netmums also offers private messaging and the option to post anonymously if you do not wish to share personal details with the whole community.

The forum replaces the previous Bliss messageboard, and in order to access the Bliss and Netmums forum you will need to register on the site first.

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