Things to remember when weaning your baby

Cartoon of Mum and baby sitting on a rug with toys

Read our information on things to do and things to avoid when weaning.

Things you can do

Give your baby a variety of flavours, textures and tastes as soon as you can. This helps your baby get used to different types of food and can help you make sure their diet is balanced.

Try to use as many home cooked meals as possible. This is the easiest way of keeping track of the nutrients in the food. It also helps to include the baby's mealtimes in the family routine.

Talk to your health professional if you would like to give your baby a vegetarian or vegan diet. It's important their diet remains balanced and includes all nutrients they need to grow and develop. See our section called What food can my baby have for more information.

Talk to your health professional if your baby becomes constipated. It can be a common problem.

Things to avoid

Force feeding your baby. See our section called What if my baby refuses food for more information if your baby is struggling to eat.

Adding solids to your baby’s bottle. It takes time for babies to learn how to control both liquids and solids in their mouths safely.

Adding salt to food or the water food is cooked in. There is enough salt naturally present in food for babies.

Adding honey to food before one year of age. There is a small risk of a stomach infection.

Adding sugar to food. There is enough sugar naturally present in food for babies.

Giving your baby whole nuts, grapes or anything else they could choke on.