If you have extra milk

If you have a large milk supply, it is very important not to limit the number of times you express, or the amount of milk you remove at each expression.

This is because as the bottle fills, the volume of milk in the breast goes down and the fat content gradually rises. Therefore, the milk at the end of the feed contains the highest amount of fat and it is essential that your baby receives the extra calories.

Also, when you know you have a good supply of milk, it gives confidence and helps you to relax while you express.

If you have a large supply of frozen breast milk that your own baby will not be able to use, it may be possible to donate your milk to a milk bank.

Regular small donations of breast milk are also accepted. The milk bank staff will need to know that you are in good health and will ask you about any medications that you take. Milk banks cannot accept milk from women who smoke or misuse substances.

All potential donors have to be tested for infections that may be passed on through milk. For more information, and if you are interested in becoming a donor, please contact the United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking

The information on this page is more than two years old