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What is family-centred care?

When a baby is born prematurely and needs to spend time in hospital, the care they receive is vital to determining their future health.

It is important parents are supported to provide hands-on care for their babies during their time in hospital, but many parents tell us they do not know how they can be involved when their baby is in incubator or has lots of tubes and wires.

Many say this makes them feel helpless, distressed and in some cases, prevents them bonding fully with their baby. This can also have a big impact on babies - but it doesn’t have to.

The below video has been designed to support the delivery of family-centred care, a pioneering approach which is proven to have better outcomes for babies. It has also been shown to reduce the likelihood of mothers suffering from post-natal mental health conditions, which are much more prevalent among mothers whose baby has had a neonatal stay.

Bliss champions this type of care and supports health professionals to deliver it through the Bliss baby charter.

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