Premature nappy donations are now available for parents

Posted on August 03, 2021

Baby in neonatal care

Bliss is continuing to work with long-standing partner Pampers to help distribute premature nappies to hospitals and now Pampers is also making them available to parents in Asda pharmacies.

We're delighted to be working with Pampers, who are committed to ensuring premature babies have access to specially designed nappies that fit and protect their delicate skin during critical stages of development.

Premature nappies have previously only been available in hospitals or from healthcare providers, but thanks to the partnership between Pampers and Asda, they will now be available in the 254 Asda pharmacies across the UK.

Pampers Preemie Protection Nappies are Pampers’ smallest nappy and are up to three times smaller than a regular newborn nappy. They have been designed in collaboration with neonatal nurses and come in three sizes for babies weighing less than 1.1lbs up to 4lbs.

Bliss research into the devastating impact of COVID-19 has shown that parents were 70% more likely to say they found it difficult to bond with their baby if the neonatal unit where their baby was being cared for had put time limits in place, as part of the continued parent access restrictions during the pandemic.

“[I felt] Like I wasn’t her mum. Like someone else was raising my baby.”

Mother of a baby born in April 2020

Changing your baby's nappy is one of many great ways to be involved in their care on the neonatal unit. It can help parents to bond, feel more confident as a parent and lead to better long-term outcomes for baby’s development.

Neonatal units across the UK will soon receive free samples of the Pampers Preemie Protection Nappies, alongside a Pampers and Bliss milestone card to celebrate bonding with your baby on the unit.

Pampers continues to also donate directly to neonatal units. Their Pampers Preemie Protection nappies are available for free, all-year round. If you're a neonatal professional, you can order these nappies for your neonatal unit by emailing For parents and families, simply visit your local Asda pharmacy from August 2021.