Bliss and WaterWipes launch social media campaign to celebrate neonatal healthcare professionals

Posted on October 20, 2020

Baby in incubator on neonatal unit with nurse in background attending to the baby

Neonatal healthcare professionals do tremendous and important work but, as Bliss research shows, often are not receiving enough support with their mental health.

More than half of neonatal professionals in our research said their mental health and well-being had deteriorated because of the impact of the neonatal environment, with under staffing being the top factor.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of human connection and has opened people’s eyes to the dedication of our healthcare heroes, who have gone above and beyond to provide support, compassion and care for others.

We recognise the challenges and appreciate all that is done to support babies in neonatal care. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that, together with our corporate partner WaterWipes, we are celebrating and showing our thanks for all that neonatal professionals do.

On 20 October we asked families to show their appreciation to their neonatal teams using #ThankYouNeonatalWorkers and telling some of the incredible stories of their dedication. We also shared some tips from healthcare professionals on how to support their wellbeing.

WaterWipes is also proud to be launching the Pure Foundation Fund, a new bursary scheme which celebrates and recognises the incredible work of all the healthcare professionals involved in the pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey, including amazing neonatal workers.

These are the hands that bring so many lives into the world, yet often remain anonymous. That is why WaterWipes want to recognise and celebrate their incredible work – to put faces and names to the hands and to tell the remarkable stories of the lives they have touched.

WaterWipes is encouraging both healthcare professionals and expectant and new parents to nominate an individual specifically involved in neonatal and maternity care, who has gone above and beyond to make a difference to the lives of parents and babies. The winner will receive £2,500 for use in their department, and to further support care for parents and babies. Healthcare professionals can also nominate themselves. Nominations close on 30 November 2020.

Jill, a retired nurse, commented: "There is very little psychological support available for staff within the Trust, therefore access to advice, information and practical support (mindfulness, breathing exercises etc) via social media would be beneficial. This is even more important since the impact of COVID-19."

Jane* commented: "I love to hear the positive stories from families, as it makes me feel so appreciated and valued, especially during these times. On social media I would love to see well-being tips and how to look after ourselves, as staff we are finding restrictions on visiting for families very challenging and stressful. We are concerned about the long term impact these restrictions will have on families and the impact on the babies' development."

*pseudonym has been used

I love to hear the positive stories from families, as it makes me feel so appreciated and valued, especially during these times