Barnsley Neonatal Unit receives Bliss Baby Charter Accreditation

Posted on July 01, 2020


Barnsley Neonatal Unit is the eighth neonatal unit, out of a total of 200 in the UK, to receive Bliss Baby Charter accreditation in recognition of the high quality of care and support which babies and families receive.

Barnsley Neonatal Unit was awarded with Bliss Baby Charter accreditation in March, along with the two neonatal units in Nottingham. Unfortunately, the outbreak of COVID-19 meant there could not be a formal celebration and ceremony. But the unit was still able to put up a plaque and certificate which recognises the excellence of care that Barnsley's neonatal team delivers.

The assessment by Bliss' Healthcare Engagement Team particularly praised the fact that parents on the unit were:

  • encouraged to be involved in their baby’s care as early as possible
  • effectively inducted into life on the unit and were kept well informed
  • able to receive support even after they had been discharged through a baby group run by the unit's staff.

Natalie Broadhead, Sister on Barnsley’s Neonatal Unit commented: ‘We are honoured and privileged to have been awarded the Bliss Baby Charter accreditation. We’re proud that the hard work of our families and staff have been recognised in this way and look forward to continuing to improve the family-centred care we offer on our unit'.

Chelsie Letts, Bliss’ Baby Charter Programme Lead, said: ‘We are delighted to award the Bliss Baby Charter to Barnsley Hospital’s neonatal unit. By providing facilities to help parents stay by their baby’s cot side as much as they wish, the unit is championing family-centred care, which Bliss advocates as a way of improving outcomes for babies as well as having psychological benefits for parents.'