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Posted on December 15, 2016

My Baby's First    Hero

The latest issue of Little Bliss magazine features the stories of four parents who experienced their baby's "firsts" on the neonatal unit. They describe the unique and wonderful experiences they had when they gave their baby the first feed, bath and cuddle.

Jordan Tristram and baby Beau

Beau was born at 32 weeks at City Hospital in Birmingham

“The first time I bathed Beau was in a tiny washing up bowl. He cried a bit but was wide awake and looking around. I felt like a 'real mom' being able to do something 'normal' for my baby that didn't involve medical stuff. The nurses also taught us how to tube feed and once we were confident, we did everything from administering his medicines and filling out his chart. We would change his nappy, clean his gums, dress him and even get him out the incubator for kangaroo care. I felt like we were more in control than the nurses and it helped me to bond with my baby.”

Jenny Bragg and baby Jack
Jack was born at 25 + 2 weeks at Warwick Hospital

“The first time I held Jack was on Boxing Day when he was two weeks old. He was still ventilated and was very tiny. He had many wires to contend with and I was terrified I was going to pull one out! But the whole experience was amazing and I felt a little bit more like a mum. It made me feel more connected to Jack – he seemed to like snuggling up into me and was happy being out of the incubator even if it was just for a short amount of time.”

Lauren Ramsden and baby Alfie Naylor
Alfie was born at 31 weeks at Rotherham Hospital

“Alfie was tube fed for about four weeks so the first time I held the bottle and fed him was just overwhelming. He just grabbed my finger and looked into my eyes. I will never forget that look!
The nurses were amazing and let me do all Alfie’s cares which made me feel so involved. Leaving him in the hospital every night broke my heart and I was worried I would never get to care for my baby like other mums did. But doing his cares made me feel so involved and let me be the mum I wanted to be to my beautiful son.”

Erin Winslow and baby Jack
Jack was born at 28 weeks at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport

“Jack was around four days old when I first tube fed him. He had been really poorly until then and didn’t manage to tolerate milk very long, but it was so lovely to be able to do something to help care for him. At 11 weeks, I was finally able to breastfeed him. It felt amazing and I was so happy and relieved - I felt such a bond. It was really nice to be able to feed him myself, as I had done with my other children.”

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