Beating all the odds

Posted on December 13, 2016

Beating All The Odds Hero

In every issue of Little Bliss we follow the amazing, inspiring and sometimes miraculous journey of a premature or sick baby. In our latest issue we meet Hayden Williams, who was born at 28 weeks.


Hayden was born at Princess Royal University Hospital in Kent in June 2008. She was 28 weeks and weighed just 744g.

Hayden at birth

Two days

After Hayden's birth, her mum Zoyia was unable to see her for two days while she recovered. Hayden had four blood transfusions in the first few days of her life. "Watching this happen to my baby was as if time stood still. I don't think I will ever get over it."

Hayden at two-days-old

Two months

Hayden successfully started breast and bottle feeding. She even tried on her first dress!

A two-month-old Hayden

Three months

Hayden was looking well and doctors had begun to talk about discharing her when she suddenly caught a cold and her heart stopped beating. She was quickly put back in to her incubator.

Hayden at three-months-old

23 September, three weeks after her original due date, Hayden was sent home. "I didn't know I was going to cope without the nurses and machines telling me how her breathing was."

"Hayden's greatest accomplishment was beating all the odds and becoming my hero. She has taught me to have hope, and I'm so grateful to have her as my daughter."

One year

On her first birthday, Hayden was already talking, walking and standing up. "You couldn't let her anywhere near your plate. She loved her food!"

Hayden at one-year-old

Four years

Hayden has been having eye checks since birth but was eventually fully signed off by the hospital.

A four-year-old Hayden

Five years

At five, Hayden started school for the first time. "I spent most of the day a nervous, crying mess, but Hayden was fine and kept telling me to stop crying and that I could go home now."

Hayden at five-years-old

Six years

A major achievement for Hayden was passing her ballet exam with merit, "She is the most amazing and kind-hearted person I know. She's creative and has so much energy."

Hayden at six-years-old


Hayden is now a healthy eight-year-old with no ongoing health issues. She is doing very well in school and her endless list of interests range from ballet and princesses to Marvel, Star Wars and Lego.

Hayden celebrating her eigth birthday

"My hopes for her future are health, happiness and to carry on being the fighter she has always been."

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