My daughter Molly

Posted on July 26, 2014

My Daughter Molly Hero

My daughter Molly was born on in 2014 by emergency caesarean section in Birmingham, due to my placenta and umbilical cord not working and resulting in her stopping growing.

I was at 27 weeks gestation when I had her. I had been in hospital for the previous two or three weeks being monitored and having scans every two days hoping the blood flow to baby was OK and hoping she would start growing again. Sadly she didn’t start growing and the blood flow through the placenta and cord got worse. They didn’t know what would be best idea, to get her out early or leave her in, and they gave me 50 per cent survival chance for her. Then they decided to get Molly out, but to try to get my pregnancy as far along as possible to give her more chance of survival.

I had a stillbirth with my first pregnancy at 30 weeks gestation, due to same thing that was happening with Molly and my placenta, so that’s why they decided to get her out before it happened again. In the end Molly was born at 11.40am weighing 1lb 9oz, a tiny little miracle.

She was put on a ventilator for two weeks to help her breathe due to her lungs not being formed properly yet, and then went on to biphasic Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) for a week, to help maintain air pressure in her lungs. She then ended up back being ventilated again due to catching sepsis and having a scare of necrotizing enterocolitis which is an infection of the bowel but thankfully Molly recovered after being given antibiotics.

Molly has had seven blood transfusions, patent ductus arteriosus (where a blood vessel in the heart fails to close) which eventually closed with medication, a grade one bleed to her brain which thankfully eventually went, and grade two retinopathy of prematurity in her eyes which also thankfully went on its own. Molly also had chronic lung disease and has reflux, so the doctors put her on Gaviscon to help it, which she now has in every feed.

Molly was in hospital in Birmingham for ten weeks and then transferred to Sutton Coldfield for two weeks. She then came home, ended up back in hospital for further week due to breathing problems at home, but is now thriving and well.

She still has chronic lung disease, but she is growing out of it. She also has a belly button hernia, an artery from her lung to her heart that is a little narrow, so the doctors are keeping an eye on it, anaemia and reflux. She now currently weighs in at 7lb 2oz at 18 weeks old and is doing really well.