BBC Lifeline mum Adele's story

Posted on May 17, 2014

Bbc Lifeline Mum Adele's Story Hero

When I had my first daughter it was a lovely experience. She was born, and handed straight to to me. My husband and I kept looking at each other and smiling, and it was just a lovely, lovely day, which was just an absolute world apart from the day when the twins were born.

I gave birth to my premature sons Ryan and Luke on September 4 2013, they came ten weeks early. The twins weighed just 3lb 15oz and 2lb 7oz. The room was silent. It was just filled with anxiety and wondering are they alive?

Ryan and Luke had various health complications and Luke ended up spending 82 days in hospital. This was such a stressful time for me and it was made worse by the fact that the boys were in intensive care in Middlesbrough as there were no available cots in Newcastle, where we live. Ryan and Luke were then separated so I had to travel between Newcastle and Middlesbrough to visit them.

This Sunday I am featuring in the BBC Lifeline appeal for Bliss. The appeal will be raising much needed funds to go towards Bliss Nurses, who are vital to supporting families like mine through the stress and heartache of having a baby born premature or sick. Me and my family were helped by Sue Thompson, the Bliss Nurse at Middlesbrough, and Sue was there to be a friendly ear and source of support when times were tough.

I remember the first time I met Sue, she pulled up a chair and made herself comfortable. It felt like she was a new best friend and I felt like I could tell her anything.

I didn’t think for one minute she’d judge us, and she was just someone you could open up to and say anything to. She was so knowledgeable and she could answer your questions and if she couldn’t she’d go straight away and she’d get someone who could. The nurses were there for the babies, but Sue was there for me.

I did really need someone to come up and say calm down, you’re doing well, and she did. She used to come and get hold of me and say you’re doing brilliantly, and that reassurance is something I’ll never ever forget. I’ll never forget because I needed to hear that.

I think Sue saved us from going under. And she saved me, so then I could look after my babies. My twins are now beautiful, healthy happy little boys.

Bliss’ BBC Lifeline appeal presented by Kym Marsh airs on Sunday 18 May at 4.50pm so tune in to hear more of my story and see how Bliss Nurses are making a real difference.