Actor and singer Noel Sullivan climbing Kilimanjaro for Bliss and the Lullaby Trust

Posted on November 20, 2014

Actor And Singer Noel Sullivan Climbing Kilimanjaro For Bliss And The Lullaby Trust Hero

Singer and former Hear'Say band member Noel Sullivan is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in December to raise funds for the Lullaby Trust and Bliss

Singer and former Hear’Say band member Noel Sullivan is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in December to raise funds for the Lullaby Trust and Bliss.

Noel is doing the climb in memory of his baby brother and sister. His brother Dominic died at six months old from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, more commonly known as cot death. His sister Alicia died at just nine days old due to complications from a brain tumour.

Noel is currently playing Drew Boley in the national tour of the musical ‘Rock of Ages’, alongside Daniel Fletcher, who will be joining him with West End leading lady Lauren Samuel. All three have independently worked on ‘We Will Rock You’, so have come together as team “Rock Trek” to trek Mount Kilimanjaro on the 2 December 2014.

Noel says “I wanted to find a way to honour my siblings’ memory and I feel these charities best serve this purpose and fulfil a promise that other families in the future will benefit from their tremendous work.

“I was aged six and nine when my siblings died so they were very much a part of my childhood and very much a part of my life. Me and my mum talk about them all the time.

“I am grateful both Lauren and Daniel are joining me in raising money for these wonderful causes and I’m over the moon they’ll be my companions on our mammoth eight day trek to an altitude of 19,341 feet!”

Lullaby Trust Chief Executive, Francine Bates, said: “We are thrilled to have the support of Noel, Daniel and Lauren in taking on this huge challenge for The Lullaby Trust and Bliss.

“Sadly Noel’s little brother was a victim of SIDS, which still claims the lives of five babies every week, and leaves families with no explanation as to the death of their baby. To then lose another sibling in the family to a brain tumour must have been incredibly difficult for Noel and his family. We’re grateful that he has now chosen to fundraise to support our work and the work of Bliss in memory of these two precious babies.”

Duncan Wilbur, Bliss Head of Marketing and Fundraising said: “We’re very happy to have Noel, Daniel and Lauren fundraising to help us and the Lullaby Trust, who we regularly work closely with to support families.

One in nine babies in the UK is born premature or sick and Team Rock will be helping Bliss give those babies the best start to life. We’re looking forward to following their progress over the trek, and wish them the best of luck.”

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