Project of the Year - Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow

Dr Still With Award Presenter Dr Lydia Bowden

Following extensive building work, the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow identified problems with hypothermia in term and late preterm infants. A small multidisciplinary team was set up to develop an intervention to improve new-born thermal care.

A Warm Bundle was introduced which involves educating staff and parents through information and resources, to optimise the thermal environment and skin-to-skin in maintaining normal body temperature. The hospital reports that there is now a greater reduction in mothers and babies being separated. The neonatal unit acknowledges that the success of the Warm Bundle initiative is the result of a collaborative approach. The hospital has since shared the results of the Warm Bundle initiative nationally and has been adopted by several hospitals across the UK.

How does this connect to the Bliss Baby Charter?

The Royal Hospital for Glasgow has demonstrated that a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach to working has supported them to create a safe and secure environment to reduce morbidity and mortality in line with principle 3 of the Bliss Baby Charter. The neonatal unit has also demonstrated the importance of facilitating skin-to-skin and educating parents in maintaining normal body temperature in line with principle 1 and 2 of the Bliss Baby Charter.

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