Parents' Choice - University of North Staffordshire Hospital

Bliss 131

University of North Staffordshire Hospital was nominated by a parent whose baby was born premature.

The team has demonstrated outstanding support and guidance by providing relevant information and involved both her and the baby’s father in the delivery of care, enabling them to support nasogastric feeding as well as encouraging and facilitating breastfeeding. The parent says that this had a positive impact, as they were able to continue to breastfeeding after being discharged.

How does this connect to the Bliss Baby Charter?

The unit has shown care and support in line with principle 2 of the Bliss Baby Charter, which encourages neonatal units to give information and support to help parents make decisions about their baby’s care. The neonatal unit also demonstrates that it is working to ensure that families are constantly involved in their baby’s care and have access to knowledge and facilities; this falls a part of Principle 5.

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