Step 3 - assessment and accreditation

Nurses holding a Bliss accreditation certificate

All you need to know about the assessment visit and accreditation.

The assessment visit is an opportunity for the Bliss assessment team to view evidence, in practice, of your team’s achievements towards delivering exceptional family-centred care.

How does the assessment work?

You will be visited by a Bliss staff member, healthcare professional assessors and a parent assessor.

Interviews with the audit lead, staff members and parents will be conducted alongside a guided tour of the unit. 

The assessors will be checking that you are delivering against the standards, linking back to the evidence you provided in your audit, and they will be collecting examples of best practice.

After the assessment, the team will put forward their recommendations for accreditation at a panel meeting and you will be notified of the outcome in due course.  

Please remember that if you don’t get accredited following an assessment visit, you will have the opportunity to be assessed again to gain accreditation. You will be given feedback and action points to work on before a follow up assessment visit is arranged.