Step 2 - action planning

Nurse and mum either side of the cot talking and looking at baby

Top tips on action planning, how to implement your action plan and re-auditing.

Action planning

In your action plan, you will address the standards that you have rated yourself as red or amber against. You and your team should set realistic and time bound goals to improve this rating.

There is a designated tab in your Bliss Baby Charter audit spreadsheet to input your actions.

Here is an example:

Top tips

  • You should be able to agree as a team which rating to give each standard. If you can't reach an agreement, then always select the lowest rating (amber or red).
  • Some standards may not apply to your unit, please acknowledge where they do not apply and why.
  • Agree a time frame for each action.
  • Ask for volunteers from the team to take responsibility for different principles/actions as part of their professional development.

Implementing your action plan

Once you have submitted your first audit to Bliss, your Bliss contact will be in touch to give you feedback and suggestions to support you when implementing your action plan. It will then be left with your team to make and embed your proposed improvements.

You will also receive a pledge of improvement certificate to display on your unit and share your commitment to delivering high quality family-centred care.

Top tips

  • Set regular review meetings to keep a track of progress for each action.
  • Display colourful posters on the unit, promoting new activities and celebrating successes.
  • Provide regular feedback to staff and parents on positive progress – use staff meetings to share audit news and views.
  • Be honest - if an action isn’t making progress, make sure it’s a priority in your next review meeting.
  • Consider using project management tools, such as trello, to support with project planning.


When you feel that your action plans have been implemented successfully and you are now delivering a family-centred approach to care that is above 90% across all principles, you should re-audit.

Once your re-audit has been submitted to Bliss, we will get in touch with you to offer you feedback on your audit and decide if you are ready for your assessment visit. We may suggest further recommendations before arranging the assessment visit.