Host a Christmas party

December is a dark and cold month so give your friends and family something to look forward to.

We have a thorough guide for holding a holding a ball or party, but below you can find some simple festive ideas to turn your party into a fundraiser.

Festive games

Most parties include a game or activity – ensure yours has a Christmas theme. It could be themed for kids (pin the nose on Rudolph) or adults (Christmas charades) and you could also ask for a small donation to take part.


Feature Christmas themed prizes – Christmas socks, a novelty tie, a packet of baubles, a box of mince pies. You could even wrap them up so no one knows what prize they have won.


Ask for a donation to take part in your Christmas quiz. Include festive questions such as name all of Santa’s reindeer, who played Elf in the film of the same name? Who organised the original recording of the classic Christmas hit ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’?

Collection tin

If you don’t want to do games, or a raffle, simply have a Bliss collection box or two at the party to encourage donations – every little helps.

Register your event

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